End of Life Care

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate and personal care for our clients and their beloved pets during this most difficult point in life. As our pets approach the end of their lives, it is important that family members give some thought as to how they wish to move through this final transition.

In-Home Hospice Care

  • For owner's who wish for their pet's to pass at home
  • Veterinary supervision for last stage of life
  • Assessment of quality of life and comfort throughout
  • Recommendations or intervention when deemed medically necessary
  • In tune with what owner wants for pet, while representing pet's medical needs during the dying process
  • Providing support throughout the process

In-Home Euthanasia

We will attend to your pet in your home, or at any location that is meaningful or most comfortable for both the family and the animal. We will provide intramuscular sedation, and as much time as is needed to allow all present to find calm and acceptance of what is occurring. When the time is appropriate, pet's are helped to transition through intravenous injection, and family members are allowed to have the time needed to be with their friend and say goodbye.

  • With or without owners present
  • In any location that is comfortable for pet and family, and safe for Veterinary staff
  • At time when best for family, at a pace that works for family at the time

Grief Counseling for Pet Loss

  • Veterinary staff pursuing training and certification in counseling owner's through pet loss (Useful in preparation for an impending loss, or after euthanasia or hospice care has taken place and pet has passed on)
  • We hope to soon be able to offer these services both in-person, and over-the-phone

Please note that Henderson Mobile Veterinary Services is not currently offering veterinary house-calls due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Dr. Henderson will be seeing patients through The Animal Hospital of Beeton beginning June 29th; they can be reached at 905-729-2929 to book an appointment. If you have an immediate concern with a companion animal, please contact your nearest veterinary clinic or see out list of Veterinary Emergency Facilities at the following link.

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