In-Home Veterinary Services

In Home Veterinary Services New TecumsethHenderson Mobile Veterinary Services provides in-home veterinary care for your pets. Caring for your pet in your home is beneficial for both practical and emotional reasons. You and your pet may enjoy having a veterinarian visit your home for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Pets often find veterinary hospitals scary or stressful.
  2. Transporting one or more animals to a veterinary facility is often difficult, stressful, and even messy.
  3. Pets with certain illnesses or injuries may recouperate faster and more smoothly in their own home environment.
  4. The guardian-pet relationship is often solidified through at-home care.
  5. In end-of life situations, the family may be present and the pet's stress decreased by remaining in a comfortable, familiar environment.

Services We Offer

Please note that Henderson Mobile Veterinary Services is not currently offering veterinary house-calls due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Dr. Henderson will be seeing patients through The Animal Hospital of Beeton beginning June 29th; they can be reached at 905-729-2929 to book an appointment. If you have an immediate concern with a companion animal, please contact your nearest veterinary clinic or see out list of Veterinary Emergency Facilities at the following link.

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