My Thoughts About The Journey…

Posted on December 2, 2014 by Lynn Henderson


I’m not sure when I have been more excited about the beginning of something. This memorial centre has been a silent dream in my head for some time now, and I never had a good sense of when or if it was ever going to materialize. I have had a few monumental moments in my life that have also held this sort of excitement and anticipation for me; Getting into vet school was a big one, marrying my husband, the birth of my daughter – even opening my house-call practice. Each one of these events was a poignant landmark on the timeline of my life. Each one laced with anticipation, terror, and overwhelming possibility in the unknown. Each one was like choosing a road that was absolutely correct, a magnetic pull that would not allow me to choose another path- Up ahead, overgrowth, twists and turns, uphills and downhills. Each time I had no idea, truly, what I was embarking on, yet there was absolutely no way to turn back. Not being an overly spiritual person, I believe in choice and consequence, but in each of these instances there has been nothing but ‘meant to be’. 

I have never felt more free, more excited, more open to the endless possibilities in my career than I do with the conception of this memorial centre.  I have seen what it would look like in my head – how I wanted it to feel, what I wanted it to whisper to those who visited. I knew exactly what kind of need there was for such a centre and the services offered, yet the vision was a difficult one to articulate. People ‘tried’ to understand the idea, “So you’re going to be the canine undertaker?”, “You have the worst job ever”, and the one I hear from other veterinarians, “ I don’t think I could ever euthanize animals full-time”.  A pet loss professional and colleague of mine, Coleen Ellis, gave me these words of wisdom for these situations, “If you ‘get-it’, then I’m here for YOU, If you don’t, then I’m not the right choice for you.”  

I have been privileged to meet many lovely individuals and families, whose pet’s are an integral part of their family. For these people, my idea makes sense, I am here for them.


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