Lessons from an abused puppy.

Posted on January 3, 2020 by Lynn Henderson

This post was hard to write – it was hard to even conceive of writing. If you are someone who prefers to choose when to encounter upsetting material, please be warned now that I am going to delve in to some sad stuff. I too, am someone who gets irritated when animal abuse images pop-up in my facebook feed – I find it impossible to ‘un-see’ them, and would have preferred to have the option of whether to have encountered them at all. Ok, disclaimer almost over. If you just want to avoid any heavy S%$T today, no harm, no foul. Come back next time and I will try to make you laugh. BUT – if you stick with me today, you may just gain a different perspective, or compassion….. or leave feeling like I’m full of it🤪 Up to you.

I work part-time at an emergency hospital – a 24-hour centre where anything and everything can come through the door at any time. We eat a lot of junk food! The stress is high. On a recent shift, I was introduced to an injured puppy. The story I was told was horrific; She had been severely beaten by her former owner. (I almost added the caveat, ‘for no reason’, but that seems an ignorant thing to say – like there’s ever a ‘reason). I digress… She had been brought in by Animal Services as she had been removed form her abusive home and brought to our centre to be worked up and treated, if possible. The results of the diagnostic imaging were staggering – Multiple (which seems too small a term) new and healed fractures; Her ribs, her skull, multiple long bones in her legs. Large swollen bruises and fluid-filled seromas over her body. These are the images I take no pleasure in describing to you – and you get the picture, so enough is enough.

The point of this post is not to upset you – not to share the horror, much like social media often seems apt to do. I met this puppy and she ran over to me, wagging her tail, jumping up – ‘smiling’ as only a dog-lover can understand dogs do. I was split in half -so horrified by what I knew of her story, and so in awe of her love and joy for all of us in room. Love for HUMANS – whom I would assume she ought to associate with pain, fear, horror.

But this puppy was just pure love.

I have been in this profession for over a decade, and have had many moments of joy and admiration for all sorts of animals. But this moment struck me as amazing. And so I share the story of the broken, beaten puppy and her absolute love and amazement for everyone and everything she encountered. How was this not beaten out of her? Can we call it forgiveness? Can we write her off as a ‘dumb animal’….I truly cannot call it anything by magic. Animals are magic. They can teach us so much more about ourselves and our abilities (or lack-there-of) to love and move forward from adversity. I choose to learn from her horrible situation, to take it as a gift. To be honest, that is the only way I can go back to work again knowing another abused friend will surely show up someday.

Puppies are Magic. Hashtag! Instagram!…Whatever, they just are.

(This is MY dog, but needed a cute dog pic!🐾❤️)

….Until next time🌸

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