SoftPaws For Cats

Posted on January 9, 2013 by Lynn Henderson

SoftPawsYay SoftPaws! This is my 4-month-old kitten, happily sporting his purple softpaws. He seems happy and comfy! Say NO to declawing 🙂  They come in great colours and he doesn’t seem to mind them at all! I thought of them originally because he is the best-friend of my four-year old daughter, and although he is amazingly good natured, I would rather be safe than sorry 🙂 Further, I have not performed a declaw in over three years for ethical reasons, so would not even consider having it done to my new baby. I will keep you posted on how they work out. But FYI, I put a set of red ones on my German Shepherd about a year ago to protect the hardwood in our old house, and they were super-cute and didn’t bother her at all – AND when she walked around, she was silent!  They are my new favourite thing. Ask us about how to get some for your pets!

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