Poem to Dog

Posted on September 13, 2014 by Lynn Henderson

You would walk with me, sit with me, listen to me.
You were content to just be with me, little old me.
It seemed like I was everything in your world, and more than enough.

And now there is a space, an absence where you use to be.
It is dim where you once were so bright.
The air is still, warm where it was once fresh and swirling.
My heart is still, where it once sat beating.

And yet I must wake each day, face each day in the absence of your endless acceptance.
You were the place where it was ok to be me – just me – plain and unadorned, and loved by you.

And so in death I offer you the same-
that you may pass as you, just you –
in your fashion and as you must.
And I promise it is ok to be you, just you – plain and unadorned
and forever loved by me.

– Lynn Henderson

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