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Posted on January 6, 2014 by Lynn Henderson

In Memory of Mac

Mac lived for his family and loved adventure. As the first addition to our family, he came into our lives as a cautious, shy little pup who quickly grew into a loving, confident, energetic, little schnauzer. One of his favourite games was Hide and Seek with his toys. You could call out for any one of his toys by name, he would seek them out and proudly bring them to you, no matter how tricky the hiding spot. He loved water, and would even jump into the tub when he felt it was time he needed a bath. He was always up for anything, the first out the front door and into the car before the kids even had a chance to get their shoes on, ready for the next family adventure. He loved going on road trips with us and was the happiest when we were all together. At night, after the kids had fallen asleep, Mac would do his rounds, checking up on them making sure they were safe before curling up in his own bed and going to sleep. On December 3, 2013, we lost our dear pet to diabetes. He was with us for 12 wonderful years. He brought our family so much joy he will not be forgotten. Rest in peace Mac.


 –Ed, Kerry, Owen and Eireann


Date of Death  December 3, 2013
Where Born / Where Adopted Fair Grove Missouri, July 4, 2001 (Pedigree Sire Kingsley Kyle and Dam Barbara’s Megan)
Nickname(s) Mackie, Mackers
Favourite Toy(s) Sasquatch, Rhinoceros and blue pillow
Favourite Activities Car rides, walks, catching snowballs, catching waves as they broke onshore, announcing the arrival of visitors
Least Favourite Thing

Walking by steaming storm drains in the winter

Other Friends


Favourite Place to Sleep

Sam the Havanese, Chelsea and Pablo the Pugs, Rasta the Miniature Poodle, Ewok the Schnoodle, Daisy the Shitzu, and Toro the German ShepherdIn the Sun

Daytime naps in the sun beams across the floor, and at night in his black bean bag bed

Favourite Food He loved all foods but his favourites were carrots, chicken, and on special occasions, sharing french fries with the kids






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