In Memory of Angus

Posted on September 11, 2013 by Lynn Henderson

Angus was such a sad case when we rescued him. He had been through multiple foster homes and because he was so reserved and timid, he was never the right fit for the families that tried him. When we adopted him, they told us ‘if he doesn’t work out for you, have him put to sleep – we don’t want him back’. Oh what the world would have missed out on, and Oh the love that would have been missed from my life! I have never met a more loyal, kind-hearted soul than we found in this beautiful dog. He never moved in an aggressive way, he never put a foot down without asking first. He will be missed terribly, and will never be forgotten.

– Joan Anderton

Date of Death Passed April 2013
Where Born / Where Adopted German Shepherd Rescue Ontario
Nickname(s) Angu-Brown
Favourite Toy(s) Chewber!!
Favourite Activities Being with Mom – Doing anything with mom
Least Favourite Thing Being away from mom
Other Friends Koda
Favourite Place to Sleep Dog Bed
Favourite Food Cheese

Angus Angus


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