Brady Memorial

Posted on April 4, 2011 by Lynn Henderson

Brady had been a badly neglected male Whippet that the Whippet Rescue group managed to take in. We wanted another Whippet to be a buddy for our young dog so we applied to adopt Brady. It was challenging as we have always had puppies and Brady came to us in his 5th year with some baggage. We learned from each other and we just loved him as he was quite the little character. He became a Therapy Dog visiting nursing homes and spreading his love. Both of our dogs became celebrities in the neighbourhood and shouts of ‘Hi Lucky, Hi Brady’ were very common during our walks. Dr. Lynn Henderson and Becky looked after our dogs and when Brady got so sick on an Easter Sunday, Lynn drove from far away to be home to help him pass into another place. It was comforting for us to know that he passed on with loved ones surrounding him in his own home. We miss our Brady but enjoyed the time we had with him and were better for it.

Steve & Irma

 The Easter Dogs


Santa Dogs

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Brady lounging (800x600)



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