Memorial Poem To Maddy

Posted on January 6, 2014 by Lynn Henderson

water dog


our memories wash over me like waves

recounting the years

rejoicing in our shared moments

your playful puppy years

our intertwined lives


though you never spoke a word

I knew your every thought

I sit here now


wishing for your comfort

hoping that you will come to my side

nuzzle my hand with your damp nose

tell me I made the right decision for you


your last gentle breath in my arms gave me solace

that the hurting stopped

you’re saucy again

romping where you desire

swimming to fetch an endless supply of sticks

not chained by a frail body and the duress it caused



I am devastated

wanting more time with you

needing your happy kisses to rain upon my face

searching my soul for comfort

finding only more tears


we’ll bury you in a familiar place when the snow melts

a beautiful red tree to grow upon your grave

but I will hold you here forever in my mind

and keep your never-ending love cascading over my broken heart


never ever your master, always your friend


I love you, Madeline “Maddy”,  my best dog

I can’t wait to see you again 🙂

February 20th, 1998- March 10th, 2011


a special thanks to all who knew and loved the brown dog 🙂


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