Pet Memorials

Honouring the memory of companion animals

At Henderson Mobile Veterinary Services, we give honour to our companion animal friends with whom we have shared a special bond. We welcome you to include some photos as well as share some memories about your beloved pet here.

These are the tribute pages to pets we have said good-bye to through the years.

Poem to Dog

Posted on September 13, 2014 by Lynn Henderson

You would walk with me, sit with me, listen to me.You were content to just be with me, little old me.It seemed like I was everything in your world, and more than enough. And now there is a space, an absence where you use to be.It is dim where you once were so bright.The air… [Read More]

Memorial Poem To Maddy

Posted on January 6, 2014 by Lynn Henderson

water dog   our memories wash over me like waves recounting the years rejoicing in our shared moments your playful puppy years our intertwined lives   though you never spoke a word I knew your every thought I sit here now sobbing wishing for your comfort hoping that you will come to my side nuzzle… [Read More]

Mac Memorial

Posted on by Lynn Henderson

In Memory of Mac

Mac lived for his family and loved adventure. As the first addition to our family, he came into our lives as a cautious, shy little pup who quickly grew into a loving, confident, energetic, little schnauzer. One of his favourite games was Hide and Seek with his toys. You could call out for any one of his toys by name, he would seek them out and proudly bring them to you, no matter how tricky the hiding spot. He loved water, and would even jump into the tub when he felt it was time he needed a bath. He was always up for anything, the first out the front door and into the car before the kids even had a chance to get their shoes on, ready for the next family adventure. He loved going on road trips with us and was the happiest when we were all together. At night, after the kids had fallen asleep, Mac would do his rounds, checking up on them making sure they were safe before curling up in his own bed and going to sleep. On December 3, 2013, we lost our dear pet to diabetes. He was with us for 12 wonderful years. He brought our family so much joy he will not be forgotten. Rest in peace Mac.


 –Ed, Kerry, Owen and Eireann


Date of Death  December 3, 2013
Where Born / Where Adopted Fair Grove Missouri, July 4, 2001 (Pedigree Sire Kingsley Kyle and Dam Barbara’s Megan)
Nickname(s) Mackie, Mackers
Favourite Toy(s) Sasquatch, Rhinoceros and blue pillow
Favourite Activities Car rides, walks, catching snowballs, catching waves as they broke onshore, announcing the arrival of visitors
Least Favourite Thing

Walking by steaming storm drains in the winter

Other Friends


Favourite Place to Sleep

Sam the Havanese, Chelsea and Pablo the Pugs, Rasta the Miniature Poodle, Ewok the Schnoodle, Daisy the Shitzu, and Toro the German ShepherdIn the Sun

Daytime naps in the sun beams across the floor, and at night in his black bean bag bed

Favourite Food He loved all foods but his favourites were carrots, chicken, and on special occasions, sharing french fries with the kids






In Memory of Emma

Posted on September 11, 2013 by Lynn Henderson

Emma was with me through so many life events. So many houses, university. We got through vet school together, and she was with me when I welcomed my baby girl home for the first time. Emma loved affection, and purred louder than any cat I have ever met – her warm, noisy company will be missed in my house. Love You Emma-Lou!

– Lynn Henderson

Date of Death Passed in June 2012
Where Born / Where Adopted Winnipeg Humane Society
Nickname(s) Emma-Lou Prom Night 2
Favourite Toy(s) Catnip pouches
Favourite Activities Eating
Least Favourite Thing Exercise
Favourite Place to Sleep In the Sun
Favourite Food Tuna Juice

Emma Emma Emma


In Memory of Angus

Posted on by Lynn Henderson

Angus was such a sad case when we rescued him. He had been through multiple foster homes and because he was so reserved and timid, he was never the right fit for the families that tried him. When we adopted him, they told us ‘if he doesn’t work out for you, have him put to sleep – we don’t want him back’. Oh what the world would have missed out on, and Oh the love that would have been missed from my life! I have never met a more loyal, kind-hearted soul than we found in this beautiful dog. He never moved in an aggressive way, he never put a foot down without asking first. He will be missed terribly, and will never be forgotten.

– Joan Anderton

Date of Death Passed April 2013
Where Born / Where Adopted German Shepherd Rescue Ontario
Nickname(s) Angu-Brown
Favourite Toy(s) Chewber!!
Favourite Activities Being with Mom – Doing anything with mom
Least Favourite Thing Being away from mom
Other Friends Koda
Favourite Place to Sleep Dog Bed
Favourite Food Cheese

Angus Angus


Brady Memorial

Posted on April 4, 2011 by Lynn Henderson

Brady had been a badly neglected male Whippet that the Whippet Rescue group managed to take in. We wanted another Whippet to be a buddy for our young dog so we applied to adopt Brady. It was challenging as we have always had puppies and Brady came to us in his 5th year with some baggage. We learned from each other and we just loved him as he was quite the little character. He became a Therapy Dog visiting nursing homes and spreading his love. Both of our dogs became celebrities in the neighbourhood and shouts of ‘Hi Lucky, Hi Brady’ were very common during our walks. Dr. Lynn Henderson and Becky looked after our dogs and when Brady got so sick on an Easter Sunday, Lynn drove from far away to be home to help him pass into another place. It was comforting for us to know that he passed on with loved ones surrounding him in his own home. We miss our Brady but enjoyed the time we had with him and were better for it.

Steve & Irma

 The Easter Dogs


Santa Dogs

IMG_0561 (800x600)

Brady lounging (800x600)



Pumma Catney

Posted on February 21, 2011 by Lynn Henderson

On February 21 2011, I lost my loyal and loving friend “Puma”, and he will be sadly missed by all as he was so deeply loved. My beautiful friend is no longer here. “Rest in Peace my loyal companion, you are sadly and dearly missed by all” Vikki Catney Pumas Mom